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The goal of Family and Consumer Science professionals is to improve the quality of life for adults, children and families through research-based data — specifically in the areas of healthy lifestyles, nutrition, food safety and financial management.

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Family Finances
Learn how to set financial goals, track spending, develop savings programs, rebuild damaged credit histories, avoid identity theft—and how to specifically trim the costs of energy, housing, travel and meals. Free and easy-to-use tools are available to track expenses, compare credit cards and even plan healthy, cost-effective meals. For additional information, please also view Idaho Two Cent Tips.

Food Safety and Preservation
Idaho consumers need reliable, up-to-date information on how to keep their food safe during selection, preparation and storage, whether they prepare it themselves or purchase meals partially or fully prepared.

Aging and Retirement
The cornerstone of retirement planning is financial planning. Planning allows you more satisfaction and security in retirement. Many people avoid thinking seriously about retirement until it is only a few years away. Yet starting to make and implement plans for retirement as early as you can—before you are 40 years old—is preferable. Early preretirement planning allows you to gain a
sense of control over the changes retirement may bring. For more information, please read the publication “Your Financial Action Plan for Retirement”.

Marriage and Parenting
Parenting is for life. It is a complicated job, and you’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Research shows that even minor parenting conflicts are an important source of stress in parents’ lives. Working parents can be stretched thin as they meet the needs of the worlds of work and family. Parenting can also be isolating when we lose ties with family and friends. However, research shows that we provide a solid foundation for effective parenting when we take care of ourselves. Parents need to take care of their own needs in order to continue meeting the family’s needs. Learn more by viewing this publication.

Please visit the Extension Publication Catalog to learn more about family finance, food safety and preservation, aging and retirement, or marriage and parenting. There is also many other publications on various of topics that are available.

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 January 28, 2014