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Bioreginal atlasThe 2008 Long Valley Bioregional Atlas* was prepared by University of Idaho graduate students in the Bioregional Planning and Community Design program in collaboration with the University of Idaho Extension.
A bioregional planning approach examines regions from a geographic perspective, such as a valley or watershed, rather than from political jurisdictions, and it incorporates political, historic, economic, and cultural knowledge to arrive at solutions that respond more effectively to
the limits and potentials of a region.

*Note: The information provided in this atlas is subject to change – please verify all information prior to any decision making processes based on the contents of any section in the atlas.



Atlas Section Content:

Section1: Biophysical 5
Section 2: Protected Areas 18
Section 3: Cultural Landscapes 27
Section 4: History 36
Section 5: Agriculture 41
Section 6: Political and Nongovernmental Institutions 47
Section 7: Land Use 59
Section 8: Infrastructure 64
Section 9: Transportation 79
Section 10: Demographics 88
Section 11: Economics 99
Section 12: Housing 110
Section 13: Education 120
Section 14: Health and Safety 125
Section 15: Community Life 132
Conclusion 136

 January 9, 2014