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Department of labor data through August of this year (released: 10/30/2012 – source)
  • Next scheduled government data release: 11/28 (unemployment through October)
  • Most available economic indicators lag months, if not years behind. We are therefore stuck with crude indicators like Unemployment and Sales Tax to provide us with some indication on how the economy is doing. The figure below shows the historic trends of Unemployment in Valley County as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Note that the data here reflect true unemployment and are not adjusted for seasonality (as Idaho mostly reports them).

This page updated: November 1, 2012

At 9.3%, Valley County’s September unemployment started the seasonal upswing, but is still two percentage points below last year.

The county’s labor force and job pool continues to stabilize at levels slightly higher than the pre-Tamarack boom times.

Unemployment figures (not adjusted for seasonality) for some of our neighboring counties:
Adams County: 11.2 %
Boise County: 5.8 %
Clearwater: 10.6 %
Shoshone 10.0 %
Figure 1: Annual unemployment compared to that of the last 3 years
Chart of annual unemployment
Figure 2: Long-term unemployment trends
Figure 3: Valley’s Labor Force over time (Tamarack peak mid 2007)
chart of Valley's labor force
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