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Thank you City of Donnelly for graciously hosting the November 15  workshop at the Donnelly Community Center! We had some 30 participants discussing the state of our current and future regional economy in terms of opportunities, challenges and obstacles. The community was again broadly represented by elected leadership, businesses and a variety of social organizations – a diversity that truly provides depth to the effort.

The participants split into four teams to discuss the region’s economic future. Their final task was to divide economic development efforts (that is: their imaginary budget dollars and attention) into four separate tasks:

  • Business Attraction
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Industry (sector) development
  • Development of Community and Infrastructure

All percentages assigned to these four tasks were to add up to the total economic development effort of the region. At the next meeting we will discuss creating four individual teams to tackle these individual efforts. The idea of separate teams is to avoid priority conflicts between efforts by allocating separate resources to each team according to the needs and priorities of the community.

We’ll get you a more detailed summary of the November 15 meeting’s results but the following links can jot your memory (or give you a glimpse):

  • The summary charts for the four teams
  • Vim’s presentation on the state of the regional economy

Do check your calendar to make sure that December 13 is marked for the next and last workshop in this series. The workshop is from 1:30 – 4:30 pm and will be hosted by the City of McCall.


Willem Braak
Kendra Kenyon
Randy Shroll