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Feb 052014

When selecting a 4-H project, consider the following items to ensure your project is an enjoyable experience. Please direct your questions to Teresa Tverdy.

  • 4-H projects should be fun, serve a purpose and be worth the effort.
  • Consider the time the project will take.
  • Remember the costs, don’t over extend your budget.
  • Consider parental support for the project.
  • Be aware of the opportunities for growth in the project.
  • Do you have the space and equipment at home?
  • Select only the number of projects that you can complete on time.

Family and Consumer Sciences

2014 4-H Publication Price List

#23100   Scrapbooking Project Unit I and II | pdf
#23101   Scrapbooking Project III Member Manual | pdf

#23121  Handwork from Our Heritage Record Book | pdf

#23115   Ceramics Leaders Manual | pdf
#23116   Ceramics Unit I | pdf
#23117   Ceramics Unit II | pdf
#23118   Ceramics Unit III | pdf
#23119   Ceramics Unit IV | pdf

#53051   Dutch Oven Recipes | pdf
#53055   Dutch Oven Cooking Helper’s Guide
| pdf
#53056   Dutch Oven Project Manual Unit I and II | pdf
#53057   Dutch Oven III | pdf
#53058   Dutch Oven IV | pdf
#53059   Dutch Oven V  | pdf
#53060   Dutch Oven VI | pdf

#53225   Baking I | pdf
#53226   Baking II | pdf
#53227   Baking III | pdf
#53545   Candy Making Manual | pdf
#00000  Candy Making Recipe Book Unit I,  II, III, IV | pdf

PNW650 4-H Freezing Project Manual
4-H Freezing Project Requirements
PNW651  4-H Drying Project Manual
4-H Drying Project Requirements
PNW652  4-H Boiling Water Canning Project Manual
4-H Boiling Water Canning Project Requirements
PNW653  4-H Pressure Canning Project Manual
4-H Presssure Canning Project Requirements



Ages 4 & 5
#63015   Special Needs Record | pdf
#63019   Cloverbud Rabbit Project | pdf
#63022   Cloverbud Poultry Project | pdf
#63023   Cloverbud Beef Project | pdf
#63024   Cloverbud Dairy Project | pdf
#63025   Cloverbud Goat Project | pdf
#63026   Cloverbud Horse Project | pdf
#63027   Cloverbud Sheep Project | pdf
#63028   Cloverbud Swine Project | pdf

Ages 6 & 7
#63033   Cloverbud Goat Project Record Book | pdf
#63034   Cloverbuds Poultry Project Record Book | pdf
#63035   Cloverbud Rabbit Project Record Book | pdf
#63036   Cloverbut Cat Project Record Book | pdf
#63037   Cloverbud Dog Project Record Book  | pdf
#63038   Cloverbud Swine Project Record Book  | pdf
#63039   Cloverbud Sheep Project Record Book  | pdf
#63040   Cloverbud Beef Project Record Book  | pdf
#63041   Cloverbud Dairy Project Record Book  | pdf
#63042   Cloverbud Horse Project Record Book  | pdf
#63043   Cloverbud Small Animal Project Record Book | pdf
#63044   Crafts Project Record Book | pdf
#63045   Cloverbud Cooking Project Record Book | pdf
#63046   Cloverbud Miniature Horse Project Record Book | pdf
#63047   Answer Guide_Cloverbud Animal Record Books | pdf
#63048   Cloverbud Lego Project Record Book | pdf
#63049   Cloverbud Gardening Project Record Book | pdf
#63050   Cloverbud Snake Project Record Book |pdf

Cloverbud-Activity-Book-A | pdf
Cloverbud-Activity-Book-B | pdf


#72489  4-H Dog Record Book | pdf

#72521  Goat Project Record Book | pdf

#0000   Twin Falls County 4-H Dog Guidelines | pdf

Club Officers

#91404  Learning Through Exhibiting | pdf

#91607  Interactive Secretary Record Book | doc
#91630  Treasurer’s Record Book | pdf

Horse Publications

Horse Record Book Score Sheet 2014 | pdf
2014 Horse Record Book| doc
2013 Horse Guidelines w/o patterns | pdf
2012 01 04 Horse ByLaws | pdf
2014 Horse Manual | pdf

Tom Parks Pavilion Wall Displays Dimensions | pdf

Out of State Publications

Clue Yourself into Modeling | pdf
Decorate Your Duds | pdf

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 February 5, 2014
Jan 072013

UI Extension, Southern District

Twin Falls County

Requirements, Enrollment and Fees

Member, Volunteer and Leader Enrollment Forms

Miscellaneous Forms and Documents

Miscellaneous Scholarships in Twin Falls County

Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program


4-H/Youth Camp

Fair Class Sheets

2014 Fair Book

Time Sensitive


The Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program (MVDHP) increases youth’s knowledge and interest in the dairy industry – nutrition, health and reproduction. Additionally, each participant will sell their two-year project at the MVDHP sale.

The following Brochure and Forms can be found in the 4-H Documents and Forms Section. Please go to 4-H Documents and Forms to print them out.

Application Process

Applications, available January, are available from the UI Extension, Twin Falls County office. Participants are drawn in February for selection of September-October calves.

Requirements and Conditions for Eligibility:

  • Candidates must be an active member of 4-H in the Magic Valley. A letter of recommendation from 4-H leader or FFA advisor is required.Candidates must attend all MVDHP activities.
  • Candidates must have previously presented at a 4-H/FFA county fair.
  • Candidates must show in the Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Show at the Twin Falls County Fair.
  • Animals must meet all health requirements for the Twin Falls County Fair.
  • All animals must be sold at the end of the program.
  • If a participant must leave the program, the Steering Committee must be contacted immediately. Animals are to remain in the area.


Spring Sale and Education Day – Calves are purchased and health, nutrition, selection and production will be presented.

Achievement Day – Listen to presentations covering body condition scoring, determining the weight of the animal, and fitting and showing.

County Fair – Complete record books are due. Youth are to show at their own county fair and then at he Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program Show at the Twin Falls County Fair.

Fall Education Day -View presentations about reproduction, mating, sire selection and animal health.

Completion – The project is complete when the animal is sold at the MVDHP sale and a stamped, addressed thank you note to the buyer is turned in to the office.

By signing the application, applicants agree to attend all activities and fulfill all requirements. Any participant who is absent from these activities or is not caring for the animal properly may be asked to withdraw.

Dairyman Participation

If you are a dairyman and are interested in providing a calf for the program, you may contact the Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program at 208-734-9590. There are certain requirements the calves must meet in order to be eligible for the program.

Business Participation

Businesses may support the Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program through sponsorship of activities, donating to the Scholarship Fund or by purchasing heifers at the MVDHP sale.

Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Scholarship Program

Participants may apply for Magic Valley Dairy Heifer Program sponsored scholarships as they enter their senior year of high school. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence in program participation.

 January 4, 2013