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Are you preparing to transfer into the UI Ag Science, Communication and Leadership bachelor degree program?  Please use the attached list of CSI transfer courses as a reference.

2+2 ASCL Program Checksheet

Learn more about the Associate of Arts in Agriculture at the College of Southern Idaho.

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Since the fall of 1994, the University of Idaho and the College of Southern Idaho have worked together to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture entirely in Twin Falls! The Twin Falls major is Agricultural Science, Communication & Leadership (ASCL). This cooperative 2+2 program builds on CSI’s Associate of Arts degree in Agriculture. Its flexibility enables students to get the additional education they need to advance their current careers, to apply professional management to their current job, or to simply begin a new career in agriculture. Courses are available in agricultural education; agricultural systems management; animal and veterinary science; family and consumer science; and plant, soil and entomological science. The courses are delivered through live instruction, DVD/video, videoconferencing, and online.

The on-site coordinator provides assistance with:

  • counseling and advising students
  • registration and financial aid procedures
  • on-site facilitation and scheduling of courses
  • recruitment and program promotion
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Twin Falls students are often employed in the agricultural industry in some capacity while earning their degrees. They bring with them an understanding of the industry. Their knowledge and experience is an asset in the classroom and enriches the educational experience for everyone involved. The Twin Falls ASCL program enables students to complete an internship and get “hands-on” experience in the ag industry.
Students have completed internships with:

  • Natural Recourses Conservation Service
  • USDA
  • Soil Conservation Society
  • local dairies and farms
  • University of Idaho- Extension, FFA Career Development Events, Research
  • College of Southern Idaho- Livestock Judging Team and Equine Club
  • Landview, Inc.
  • Crop Production Services
  • Land O’Lakes
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • National Ag Week
  • Forest Service
  • ag equipment companies
  • canal companies
  • cattle producers

….to name a few!

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Earn a Bachelor of Science degree entirely in Twin Falls! The University of Idaho and the College of Southern Idaho collaboratively offer a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership. This cooperative 2+2 program builds on CSI’s Associate of Arts degree in Agriculture. For information contact Amanda Moore-Kriwox.

Learn more about the Agricultural Science, Communication & Leadership degree program

2+2 ASCL Program Checksheet

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