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The Horticultural Crops Research Unit Worksite in Parma, Idaho was established in 2001 to support Idaho’s expanding grape and wine industry. The worksite is located in southwestern Idaho in the Snake River Valley.

We currently have three long-term objectives.

  1. To develop and validate methods for measuring the quality of fruit and fruit products that are simple, rapid, reliable, and reproducible.
  2. To understand the management of anthocyanins and polyphenolics, extraction of tannins, and oxidation during wine fermentation.
  3. To investigate how cultivar selection, vine physiology, cultural practices, plant diseases, and nutrients influence the chemical components of wine grapes and wines.

The worksite has two laboratories:

  • Krista Shellie’s research focuses on viticultural production and the impact of cultural practices such as water management and cultivar selection on vine physiology, yield, and fruit quality. more info
  • Jungmin Lee’s laboratory develops and validates methods for measuring fruit and wine quality and examines the effects of environmental factors on fruit and wine quality from a food chemistry standpoint. more info
 August 27, 2012