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The Lewis-Clark Valley has a growing season of over 200 days. Home gardeners and local commercial enterprises take advantage of the extended growing season in a variety of horticultural interests.

A wide range of gardening inquiries are answered each year concerning plant variety selection, culture, husbandry, and pest control by our Idaho Master Gardeners and horticulture staff. The UI Extension, Nez Perce County Horticultural Advisory Committee plays a pivotal role in identifying and prioritizing programming, classes, and seminars to meet the educational needs of the community.

potted plantsBanana Belt Gardening Series

The Banana Belt Gardening Series is tailored to present timely and useful information to meet the needs of gardeners of the Lewis-Clark Valley and surrounding area. The series is held every February on Thursday evenings in the Lewiston Community Center.  In 2015, we will have a “hands-on” evening with Dr. Bob Tripepi instructing us on T-budding, Chip budding, Whip-and-Tongue grafting.

  • 2015 Banana Belt Gardening Series
    • The 2015 Banana Belt Series is being held on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Lewiston Parks and Recreation Community Center, 1424 Main Street, Lewiston.  New this year we will be offering a hands-on grafting workshop with Dr. Bob Tripepi.
      • February 5 | All About Gardening
      • February 12 | Ornamental and Fruit Trees
      • February 19 | Urban Wildland Interface
      • February 26 | Grafting Workshop–Hands-on



cherry blossom treePlant Clinic

One of the best places to get common-sense answers for your gardening questions is the Plant Clinic that operates during the growing season beginning the first week of May. Visit the Plant Clinic on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at the UI Extension, Nez Perce County office (1239 Idaho Street in Lewiston, Idaho).


Idaho Master Gardener ProgramIdaho Master Gardener Program

The Idaho Master Gardener Program is an educational opportunity designed to meet the gardening information needs of the community. The purpose of the program is to extend technical assistance and provide home horticulture information to people within the community through the use of qualified volunteers.

Individuals who are interested in becoming Idaho Master Gardener volunteers must have the enthusiasm, commitment and time to volunteer; enjoy working with plants and people of all ages; a strong interest in horticulture or home gardening; and be willing to communicate and share knowledge effectively with others.

The next Idaho Master Gardener training in the LC Valley begins January 2016.


home landscape gardenNez Perce County Master Gardener Xeriscape Garden

A low water use demonstration garden is located next to the UI Extension, Nez Perce County office in Lewiston, Idaho. The garden’s purpose is to demonstrate traditional and alternative means of landscaping with low water use and drought tolerant plants. A plant list is available here, as well as at the UI Extension, Nez Perce County office.


Nez Perce County Plant or Insect Sample Submission Guidelines

Plant and insect samples may be brought in for identification or diagnosis to the UI Extension, Nez Perce County office. Accurate identification, diagnosis, or control measures depend on a great many factors; the more information you can provide about your sample will aid in answering your question.


 October 24, 2013