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Leadership to make a difference logoLeadership to Make a Difference Institute

The Leadership to Make a Difference Institute (LMDI) is a collaborative partnership between UI Extension and the Spirit Center at the Monastery of St. Gertrude. LMDI follows an “immersion” model, bringing community members together for two full days of training that can be offered in a variety of time-frames to fit the needs of communities. LMDI focuses on the development of a core of well-trained and committed leaders working within their communities to effect change.

The program is designed to cultivate success in four areas:

Knowledge and Skills

Basic leadership skills necessary for planning, leading and supporting positive intentional community change are the foundation of the LMDI. Training segments emphasize encouraging diversity and inclusivity in leadership, facilitating meaningful meetings, building and working within teams, decision-making methods for groups, understanding controversies and managing conflict, and developing personal leadership goals.

Confidence in Self

With a greater understanding of self and others in relation to leadership development, participants strengthen their skills and develop confidence in their own abilities for leading meetings, working with others and dealing with conflict.

Courage to Act

Participants take action addressing community issues by designing an Individual Leadership Plan. The plan entails action steps for using leadership skills in three contexts: personal relationships, groups/organizations, and the community as a whole.

Network of Support

Follow-up cohort meetings provide a forum to continue building relationships encouraging each other’s progress and challenges with leadership responsibilities and opportunities. Additional trainings can assist in developing strategies for implementing new ideas in ongoing community work.

The Leadership to Make a Difference Institute encourages the development of a leadership system based on relationships and interaction among diverse groups of community members working toward collective goals. The Institute can be delivered throughout Idaho with the training fee determined by facilitator travel and participant supply costs.

For more information, contact Mary Schmidt, Spirit Center – Monastery of St. Gertrude,
 (208) 962-2001 or Monastery of St. Gertrude .


Community Garden iconCommunity Garden Project

This collaborative effort among Idaho Public Health – North Central District, Nez Perce County Emergency Management, UI Extension, Nez Perce County and North Central Idaho Area Agency on Aging fosters a culture of health for individuals and our communities by improving the food security, encouraging healthy eating practices and assisting families and communities to become more resilient tin the face of disaster.

For more information, see the Community Garden Project website.

 October 23, 2013