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Supporting a future of agriculture and promoting the quality of life for all Idaho residents by integrating farm profitability, environmental health and stewardship, and prosperous communities.

Nez Perce County Crops and Cropping Systems

Crop producers can face numerous pressures posed by low commodity prices, environmental regulations, rising production costs and competition for export markets. UI Extension, Nez Perce County educational programs support the contribution of small grains and alternative crops to the economy of Nez Perce County and north central Idaho. Environmental concerns and the growers’ ability to compete in today’s market place are addressed. Crop advisory committees guide programming development by prioritizing the educational needs of our area farmers.

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Small Acreage Farming and Ranching

Whether raising grapes in vineyards, fruit in orchards, or produce to sell at the farmer’s market or roadside stands, farmers must know enough about varieties, growing conditions, plant diseases, insects pests, and soil fertility management to make good decisions. Business skills such as accounting and book keeping are also very important. Check out UI Extension, Latah County’s website for more information.

IRM Beef Red Books are available at the UI Extension, Nez Perce County office: 1239 Idaho Street, Lewiston, Idaho, (208) 799-3096,

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 October 23, 2013