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Sep 062013

Winter Hours: Monday Only 9:00AM – 3:00PM      October 1 – March 31

Sample Submission Guidelines

In order for us to assure accuracy and speed, please follow these guidelines closely.

What You’ll Need
  • A full description of your situation, including the variety of the plant if possible
  • Details about your planting, watering, fertilizing, pesticide use (type of chemicals applied), etc.
  • Good physical samples and photographs that show the whole plant (flower, stalk, leaf and root) or insect

Please read the following before bringing in your sample:

What to Expect
  • Lots of questions! The more info we have, the better detectives we can be
  • Please expect to fill out a questionnaire related to your request. We will need the entire questionnaire completed in order to answer your questions
  • Friendly volunteer assistance and education along with a “best guess” diagnosis
  • Sending submissions to the University of Idaho, if necessary
  • Approved growing and pesticide recommendations from the University of Idaho
  • Suggestions for learning more through our classes, web and print resources
  • Limited office hours based on the availability of our volunteers and on the time of year
  • Our office is staffed by our certified volunteers. If we are not available on the day you visit, please know that an Idaho Master Gardener will contact you as soon as possible.


 September 6, 2013