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Leadership Training, Citizenship & Travel

 Recognizing group and project-based activities at the club level typically form the foundation, there are many additional opportunities available for youth and adults to further enrich their total 4-H experience.  Whether it be participating in local events to traveling overseas, a wide variety of learning experiences are available to build your skills related to leadership, citizenship and cultural understanding.

 Leadership Training

While leadership development permeates most 4-H opportunities, this section focuses on those events designed for youth and/or adults to further enhance their organizational or project-specific teaching skills.  Opportunities are grouped by the level at which they occur and indicates the primary audience (youth, adult or both).


Numerous local youth and adult leadership training opportunities are available which do not require pre-registration.  These include organizational leaders (mid-October), livestock (January & March), Super Saturday (late-February), and new leaders (late-March) for example.  Consult your current 4-H Express newsletter for specific details regarding upcoming opportunities.





The following provide youth and adult chaperones an opportunity to better understand the workings of our state and federal government.




Middle-school to high-school age youth can apply to represent Idaho in a variety of national or international educational travel experiences.  Their families can also apply to serve as host families for the international (IFYE and LABO) programs.





 March 6, 2014