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We had a great time at our community projects in 2013!



Thank you to our Idaho Master Gardeners for being a great resource at the following community events:

  • The Kootenai County Farmers Market
  • Bagging Trees For Arbor Day
  • The Earth Day Fair at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library
  • The Annual Spring Craft Fair at Lake City High School
  • The Sodbuster Plant Sale
  • The River City Garden Club Plant Sale
  • Q’Emlin Park Tree Give Away
  • CDA4Kids Summer Program
  • Fernan Elementary School – A “New” Idaho Master Gardener School Mentorship Program
  • Planting flowers on the Kootenai County Fairgrounds
  • Participating in the North Idaho Fair Booth and “The Friends of the Farmer” Building Design

Our Idaho Master Gardeners spend countless hours on their own projects within our program. They volunteer their time teaching classes and consulting on home horticulture for members of our community.

 November 20, 2013

2015 Evening and Saturday Horticulture Workshop Series Presented by your Idaho Master Gardeners

Please click on the link above for our list of classes for Winter/Spring 2014

2015 Horticultural Series Class Registration Form

Please click on the link above for our registration form for the 2014 classes

hortculture class
  • February – March
  • Cost:  Evening Classes $10.00 per class
  • Cost:  Saturday Workshops vary in price. See document above
  • Pre-registration and pre-payment is required to reserve your space
  • For more information or to register, call (208) 446-1680
SATURDAY WORKSHOPS as part of our annual Horticulture Series

Feb 14, Saturday—Introduction to Bee Keeping Workshop 9:00 am-4:00 pm. This workshop introduces you to the exciting world of beekeeping. It gives the basics needed to develop your skills and further your understanding of this incredible creature. It is meant for those new to the idea of beekeeping, those that have read up or practiced with a hive and those already involved in our local bee keeping efforts who want to learn more. Explore this insect and the art of beekeeping from your Idaho Master Gardeners. Topics covered: General biology, physiology, equipment, honey extraction, parasites, pests, disease, troubleshooting, pesticides and nectar sources.

  • Cost: Individual – $25, Family – $30  (related group of 2 if sharing printed info) Age limit for this class is 12 years and older
  • Beginner’s manual, handouts and light refreshments included. Pre-registration is required. Space limited to 30 participants.  Please bring lunch with you.

March 7, Saturday—Chicks in the City ~ Raising Chickens Within City Limits 11:00 am-1:00 pm  presented by University of Idaho Veteran  Master Gardener, Beckie Williams and Marsha Broadsword. Beckie and Marsha have several years of experience in raising chickens and will share their successes and failures. This presentation will provide you with vital information needed to start your chicks on the road to being happy, productive hens.  In part, they will discuss breed selection, types of feed and safe housing.  Also covered will be the various rules and regulations in regard to raising chickens mandated by Kootenai County and cities within Kootenai County. As always folks ‘flock’ to this informative and entertaining class so register early.

March 14, Saturday— What’s That Plant For?  Ethnobotanical Explorations 1:00 pm-4:00 pm presented by Barbara St. Dennis, Holistic Therapist, Master Herbalist  and owner of New Moon Energetics.  Let’s look at unusual and extremely useful ways of integrating plants into our lives.  Learn  unexpected and intriguing ways to use these plants and what you should grow to benefit health and home security. Class includes medicinal horticulture and natural barriers for humans, animals and insects.


 September 6, 2013

Do you have questions about growing in Northern Idaho? UI Extension uses volunteers for research-based horticulture education. We help you find the answers you need and offer informational classes and workshops. 

Idaho Master Gardeners develop and share expertise in a broad range of home horticultural topics, including food production, integrated pest management techniques, improving soil fertility, choosing the right trees, growing turf grass and sustainable yards and gardens.

“Helping people grow” is the motto of the Idaho Master Gardener program, reflecting UI Extension’s goal to help meet the needs of growers in our local communities.

Many of your home and garden questions and problems can be easily addressed at our Plant Clinic by an Idaho Master Gardener.

Our Kootenai County Program handles parcels up to 5 acres.  If you are on a larger parcel, have questions about developing into the commercial market or are involved in retail (nursery, landscape or Christmas tree) please call us so we may refer you to the correct individual within the UI system.

The Plant Clinic

The Plank Clinic is open for walk-ins or phone calls on:

October 1 – March 31 Winter Hours No walk-in days are available during the off season, however we are available by phone. Please leave us a detailed message and a volunteer will be in the office one day per week (variable) to return your call. Samples may be dropped off to our front desk and we will address them once per week.

April 1 – September 30 Summer Hours Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

If you are bringing in a sample, please click on The Plant Clinic above to view our submission guidelines assure accuracy and speed.

Our phone lines are very busy during office hours in the summer months. To expedite your answers, we encourage you to leave a message any day of the week with your challenge/question so we may research it in the meantime. A volunteer will return your call as soon as we can.

Visit or Call our Plant Clinic to:

  • Learn how best to care for your garden, orchard and landscape with research-based information
  • Get practical “how-to” advice on many home horticulture topics
  • Identify many insects, weeds and disease organisms and choose the best treatment options
  • Access information resources
  • Pick up soil sampling kits and instructions for sending the sample to the U of I lab (our office provides interpretation of soil sample results)
  • Please click on The Plant Clinic page above to review our guidelines for submissions before stopping by with a sample
Idaho Master Gardeners

Idaho Master Gardeners make a difference in their communities by:

  • Sharing contemporary information that will help local citizens beautify personal and public places, be more self-sufficient in food production, become better stewards of the environment, and successfully grow healthy plants
  • Helping operate programs that teach youth to appreciate horticulture, grow their own food, and care for the world around them
  • Operating plant diagnostics clinics to help people solve gardening problems and challenges
  • Teaching classes for civic organizations, church groups, garden clubs, and schools
  • Creating projects to beautify buildings, parks, and other public places
  • Developing and managing community vegetable gardens
  • Bringing the joy of gardening to both children and adults
  • Delivering horticultural information to their communities in many other gratifying ways
Classes and Workshops for Community Members

The Idaho Master Gardener Program is just a part of what we do for our community. In addition to our Idaho Master Gardener Certification courses and advanced training courses, we offer low cost horticulture, homesteading, permaculture and basic gardening workshops and classes for members of our community.

Idaho Plant-A-Row Project and 2nd Harvest

Plant a Row for the Hungry LOGOSecond Harvest LOGO

The Plant-a-Row for the Hungry (PAR) program is a people-helping-people initiative to provide hungry families with fresh, nutritious produce. Community members are encouraged to donate their surplus garden produce to help feed those in need. Free seeds and free seedlings are available for your efforts through the UI Extension, Kootenai County office. We will send you email notification when they are available. If you aren’t on our Idaho PAR email list, please email Kara Carleton.

Gardening Resources and Publications

Explore our collection of plant and gardening resources.


Idaho Master Gardener Volunteer Outreach Projects 

Come “Dig in the Dirt” with us and see what your Idaho Master Gardeners are up to in Kootenai County


Kootenai County Noxious Weed Department

The Kootenai County Noxious Weed Control Department assists the public and government agencies with identification and control methods for noxious weeds.
Phone: (208) 446-1290
Fax: (208) 446-1282

10905 N. Ramsey Road
Hayden, ID 83835
Office Hours:
 Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.

 September 6, 2013
Individuals interested in becoming an Idaho Master Gardener should:
  • Have an interest in, some knowledge of, and experience with basic gardening and related horticultural topics
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the public
  • Be willing to research and consult with an unbiased approach towards horticulture topics
  • Be willing to complete 40 to 50 hours of instruction (Feb to April) and provide a minimum of 35 to 50 hours of service each year (April to October)
Idaho Master Gardener Program application and guidelines

Step 1: Please fill out the application and mail it to the UI Extension, Kootenai County office at 1808 N 3rd Street Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814, or email it back to

We generally have a waiting list for our certification program. We suggest submitting an application as soon as possible to save your place. The training is a first come, first served basis.

* Please use the Word version to generate a form you can fill out on your computer and email back to us, or print the PDF version and mail to our office:

Step 2: We will time stamp your application once we receive it in our office.

Step 3: You are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted the summer before the next training year to begin the interview and selection process. We have more applicants than available trainee positions. Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Master Gardener program.

Certification Class

We certify Idaho Master Gardener trainees every other year. Our next training year for which we are accepting applications is 2016.

Our classes are offered February – April, Monday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m. in Coeur d’Alene.

This course may be taken for credits with the University of Idaho. This process requires special paperwork that must be submitted on a semester basis and increases the cost associated with the program. Please notify us if you wish to receive credits so we may direct you to the proper UI department.

 September 6, 2013

Vegetable Gardening:


Fruit Trees:

Lawn Care:




bowl of tomatillosWinter/Spring To Do’s:


Fall/Winter To Do’s:


Plant Selection:

Pollinator References:


Insect Invaders in Kootenai County and Approved Integrated Pest Management Techniques:


Additional Researched-Based Resources:
















 September 6, 2013

The success of Plant-a-Row relies on community involvement. Home gardeners, farmers, schools, places of worship, youth and community organizations, and area businesses can help make a difference for their neighbors in need by planting a row of seed and donating their surplus to Second Harvest and other local hunger-relief organizations in Spokane and North Idaho. In 2011, our region was ranked #1 in the nation for pounds of produce donated. Please let us know if we can assist you in your efforts, and thank you for all you do.
Contact Kara Carleton for more information.

Backyard Gardeners

Free seeds and free seedlings are available through the UI Extension, Kootenai County office. We will send you email notification when they are available. If you aren’t on our Idaho PAR email list, please email Kara Carleton.

 Thank you to the following sponsors of these efforts:




Please click on the logo to visit our sponsors – what a wonderful selection of seeds! Tell them you saw them here and appreciate their donation.

Produce Donation Sites
  • University of Idaho Extension
    Master Gardener Program
    1808 N. 3rd Street
    Coeur d’Alene ID 83814
    (208) 446-1680
    Monday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00PM  Year-round.
  • Hosted donation by The Roots Local Food Share and Shared Harvest Community Garden10th and Foster, downtown Coeur d’Alene Wednesday evenings 5:30 – 7:30PM  Mid-July to Mid- October

You are welcome to donate to a facility or site directly and we do ask you to please weigh your harvest and report it at the end of each month to Kara Carleton. Every pound counts.

Farms and Orchards

Farms and orchards can also plant an extra row to benefit Eastern Washington and North Idaho residents at risk of hunger. Because of the amount of food they grow, farmers and growers can make a big difference with just one row of fruit trees or vegetable plants aiding in the fight against hunger.

Need Help Harvesting?

We are happy to send fruit tree gleaning teams to your site to collect your harvest donation or harvest remaining fruit once you are finished with it. Email Kara Carleton for more details or to register your fruit trees.

Support Local Agriculture

Plant a Row and the Idaho Master Gardeners work with local farmers markets to collect unsold, wholesome produce for hunger-relief efforts within Kootenai County. The Idaho Master Gardeners partner with local organization The Roots Local Food Share. Roots will pick up donated produce from the Kootenai County farmers markets and deliver it to over 18 local facilities…all powered by bicycles and bicycle trailers.


Tracking pounds is critical for expanding our great program. Your donation will be weighed and you will receive a copy of the tax deductible receipt, giving you a $1.50 per pound tax deduction. If the donation site does not have receipts, please email your donation pounds, along with the name of the facility to Kara Carleton.


 September 6, 2013
Sep 062013

The Plank Clinic is open for walk-ins or phone calls on:

October 1 – March 31 Winter Hours No walk-in days are available during the off season, however we are available by phone. Please leave us a detailed message and a volunteer will be in the office one day per week (variable) to return your call. Samples may be dropped off to our front desk and we will address them once per week.

April 1 – September 30 Summer Hours Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Sample Submission Guidelines

In order for us to assure accuracy and speed, please follow these guidelines closely.

What You’ll Need
  • A full description of your situation, including the variety of the plant if possible
  • Details about your planting, watering, fertilizing, pesticide use (type of chemicals applied), etc.
  • Good physical samples and photographs that show the whole plant (flower, stalk, leaf and root) or insect

Please read the following before bringing in your sample:

What to Expect
  • Lots of questions! The more info we have, the better detectives we can be
  • Please expect to fill out a questionnaire related to your request. We will need the entire questionnaire completed in order to answer your questions
  • Friendly volunteer assistance and education along with a “best guess” diagnosis
  • Sending submissions to the University of Idaho, if necessary
  • Approved growing and pesticide recommendations from the University of Idaho
  • Suggestions for learning more through our classes, web and print resources
  • Limited office hours based on the availability of our volunteers and on the time of year
  • Our office is staffed by our certified volunteers. If we are not available on the day you visit, please know that an Idaho Master Gardener will contact you as soon as possible.


 September 6, 2013