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Feb 132014

4-H Horse Bowl is a quiz bowl for 4-H Horse members to show their knowledge in a fun yet competitive way.  This event is one of the options for horse members to complete their county activity requirement.  Please review the guidelines document to learn more about question sources and contest format.  Members should visit with their horse leader on the preferred method of registration.  Members can register using the event registration option in 4Honline or can register through their horse leader who will use the preregistration document.  Registrations are due March 3rd.

Link to 4-H Horse Bowl guidelines and registration form

2014 Horse Bowl Schedule Revised

 February 13, 2014
Sep 102013

Learning to develop marketing plans, establishing relationships with prospective buyers, and cultivating those connections are all important components of 4-H market animal projects. Through this process, youth gain self-confidence and build their communication skills.

The following resources can help guide members and leaders:

 September 10, 2013

Encompassing everything from beef, sheep and swine to goats, poultry and rabbits, youth gain knowledge and responsibility as they care for and raise their project animals. Not only do they learn essential life skills, but the proceeds from most member projects are often invested in savings accounts that enable them to attend post-secondary schools or colleges.

Base Resources

Breeding & Non-Market Animal Projects

Market Animal Projects

Fair & Entry Forms
Post Fair Harvest Data
Project Planning Resources
 September 3, 2013
Sep 032013

This program offers a wide variety of opportunities for members to participate in as they expand their knowledge of horses. While many of these are locally-based, opportunities do exist for youth to advance to district, state and national events.

youth standing by horsesBase Resources

These documents are basic pieces that provide information and structure for the program.


County Horse Activities

Each year 4-H horse members are required to participate in at least one county level activity to show their knowledge and skills while not on a horse.  Members have the option of participating in Horse Bowl, Oral Presentations, Horse Judging or Hippology.

Horse Show Entry Forms

Members are required to exhibit their project in an approved public place, such as a 4-H horse show.  Here are some options for our members…

Equine Retreat & Horse Camp

Horse Camp & Equine Retreat are week long, intensive learning events for horse members.  They will participate in several riding classes each day such as western, english, drill team along with others.  Participants also get to do some fun crafts and evening activities while at Camp or Retreat.

Supplemental Opportunities

These are additional opportunities for 4-H Horse members beyond the local level.

 September 3, 2013
Sep 032013

youth with dogs

This section provides members and leaders with the information they need to have a successful experience within our 4-H Dog program. Most program resources are updated by October 1st (the start of the new 4-H program year). Updated county and pre-show entry forms will be posted typically 60 days prior to the entry deadline. Please make sure you are accessing the current year’s entry form.

Base Resources
Dog Show Entry Forms
Dog Show Scorecards
Training Resources
 September 3, 2013
Project Record Books

Learning to maintain accurate records is an essential life skill – one 4-H helps youth develop by completing a simple record book for each project they enroll in. Idaho 4-H utilizes two very similar basic record books, the 4-H Project Record Book and 4-H Animal Project Record Book.

  • 4-H Animal Project Record Book (#91940) PDF Word
  • 4-H Project Record Book (#91950) PDF Word

Members should consult the Kootenai/Shoshone 4-H Project Requirements to ensure they are using the appropriate record book for their respective project(s). A new record book is used for each year within the project.

Involvement Reports

Each member also maintains a 4-H Involvement Report that tracks overall club participation, leadership, civic engagement, 4-H promotional efforts and attendance at contests, activities and events. This form is designed so members can keep a cumulative summary each year in one record, which is very helpful when members apply for awards and college scholarships as they progress through high school.

  • 4-H Involvement Report (#91910) PDF Word
Submitting Completed Record Books

Submission of a completed record book is required for each project the member enrolls in. To assist members and leaders in this process, we have developed the following resources to clarify what information is needed within each section. For those using the 4-H Animal Project Record Book (which can require additional supplement forms), a checklist is also available to help ensure that all the various components have been completed.

 September 3, 2013


youthWhether you are a new or returning member, parent or leader, there is basic information related to the 4-H program that you should be familiar with.

The following materials provide answers to many of the most frequently asked questions, along with tools to help plan schedules and ensure everyone knows what is required to have a successful 4-H experience.

Explore these resources for more information:


County Oral Presentations Contest

This contest is open to all 4-H members ages 8-18, and all project areas.  This is a great way to show off you presentation polish and get a judges feedback on what you do well and areas you may be able to improve in.


Fair Related Materials

Fair is a big time for most 4-Her’s as it marks the completion and evaluation of most 4-H projects.  The North Idaho Fair is held in the later part of August with several aspects of project evaluation beginning in mid-August.  Below is information and forms that may assist 4-Her’s in successfully preparing for the fair experience.

Interview judging provides opportunities for youth to interact with the judges regarding their project work.  Listed below are several items that members and volunteer leaders will need to be well prepared for the interview judging experience.

Those members who will be exhibiting animals during the annual North Idaho Fair will need to complete and submit a 4-H Livestock Entry Form.  Families wishing to stay in the Camper Village area or to purchase additional Fair passes can utilize the second form below to do so.

 September 3, 2013