Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station UI College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Image Map
Feb 042013


Theresa Albright – Budget Specialist. (208-423-6611)
Tina L. Brandt Research Support Scientist, Potatoes. (208-423-6625)
Amy Carroll Scientific Aide, Entomology. (208-423-6682)
Carlos Centeno Technical Aide, Dry Bean Breeding & Genetics. (208-423-6624)
Steve Drown — Farm Assistant. (208-423-6630)
Kyle Frandsen – Scientific Aide, Weed Science. (208-423-6683)
Mary Jo Frazier Research Support Scientist, Potatoes. (208-423-6627)
Dan Henningsen Farm Operations Manager/Assistant Superintendent. (208-423-6654)
Carlos Kelly Remote Sensing Specialist, Water Resources. (208-423-6640)
Susan Kelly Administrative Assistant. (208-423-6606)
Nicole KinslowResearch Support, Potatoes. (208-423-6622)
Steve Preckel Farm Maintenance. (208-423-6651)
Clarence W. Robison Research Associate, Water Resources/KREC Networks. (208-423-6610)
Dave Ruhter Farm Assistant, Irrigation. (208-423-6670)
Morgan Stanger Agricultural Seed Technician, Foundation Seed Program. (208-423-6607)
Ginger Valdez Field Laborer. (208-423-6605)
Dave Walker Farm Assistant. (208-423-6614)
Lynn K. Woodell Extension Support Scientist, Potatoes. (208-423-6626)

 February 4, 2013