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Food Preservation



University of Idaho Extension offers a variety of classes to improve the standard of living among county citizens; all classes are open to the public.

2014 classes

- Please check back for 2014 classes


2013 classes

Canyon County:

- “After the Harvest” Home Food Preservation; 3-workshop series, Nampa

Ada County:

-Harvest Food Preservation classes, Boise



In this section you will find many food safety and preservation resources and publications. Most of these are available for either viewing/downloading at no charge, or available for purchase in our office.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning:

 Introduction  4- Vegetable & Vegetable Products
 1- Principles of Home Canning  5- Poultry, Red Meats, Seafoods
 2- Fruits & Fruit Products  6- Fermented Foods & Pickled Vegetables
 3- Tomatoes & Tomato Products  7- Jams & Jellies


National Center for Home Food Preservation:

 - Canning  - Fermenting
 - Jams & Jellies  - Pickling
 - Freezing  - Storing Foods
 - Drying


University of Idaho and Pacific Northwest Publications (listed by title)


 Canning Fruits – PNW  Canning Meat, Poultry & Game – PNW
 Canning Vegetables – PNW   Canning Seafood – PNW
 Canning Tomatoes & Tomato Products – PNW  Home Canning Smoked Fish – PNW
 Salsa Recipes for Home Canning – PNW   Using & Caring for Your Pressure Canner – PNW



Pickling Vegetables – PNW  Pickling Fish & Other Aquatic Foods… – PNW




 Drying Fruits & Vegetables – PNW  Making Jerky at Home Safely – PNW



 Freezing Fruits & Vegetables – PNW  Freezing Convenience Foods – PNW
 Home Freezing of Seafood – PNW




 November 25, 2013