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Feb 262014

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 February 26, 2014


Eat Smart Idaho


Idaho’s Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program

Meet the University of Idaho Extension’s Nutrition Program, Eat Smart Idaho.

The Eat Smart Idaho program is a UI Extension education program designed to help limited-resource adults learn how to stretch their food dollars to provide tasty, low-cost, healthy meals for their families. Eat Smart Idaho teaches nutrition and consumer-related skills that lead to individual change. Eat Smart Idaho helps families in Idaho move toward increased self-sufficiency. It helps those who are transitioning from welfare to work.


Why is nutrition education critical for the health and well-being of children and their families?

Malnutrition, along with environmental factors associated with poverty, can permanently retard physical growth, brain development and cognitive functioning. The longer a child’s nutritional, emotional and educational needs are not met, the greater the likelihood of cognitive impairments.

The goal of Eat Smart Idaho is to increase the self-sufficiency of food stamp individuals and families through community-based, informal experiential education that builds basic living skills and decision-making capabilities, and instills the value of life-long learning.


Canyon County Nutrition Advisors

Micki Schuetz –

Nicole MacKinnon –

Yvonne Armenta –


Program Coordinator

Bridget Morrisroe-Aman –



 November 25, 2013


Food Preservation



University of Idaho Extension offers a variety of classes to improve the standard of living among county citizens; all classes are open to the public.

2015 classes

  • New Year New You  |  pdf |
  • Preserve at Home  | pdf |
  • Master Food Safety Advisor | pdf |





In this section you will find many food safety and preservation resources and publications. Most of these are available for either viewing/downloading at no charge, or available for purchase in our office.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning:

 Introduction  4- Vegetable & Vegetable Products
 1- Principles of Home Canning  5- Poultry, Red Meats, Seafoods
 2- Fruits & Fruit Products  6- Fermented Foods & Pickled Vegetables
 3- Tomatoes & Tomato Products  7- Jams & Jellies


National Center for Home Food Preservation:

 - Canning  - Fermenting
 - Jams & Jellies  - Pickling
 - Freezing  - Storing Foods
 - Drying


University of Idaho and Pacific Northwest Publications (listed by title)


 Canning Fruits – PNW  Canning Meat, Poultry & Game – PNW
 Canning Vegetables – PNW   Canning Seafood – PNW
 Canning Tomatoes & Tomato Products – PNW  Home Canning Smoked Fish – PNW
 Salsa Recipes for Home Canning – PNW   Using & Caring for Your Pressure Canner – PNW



Pickling Vegetables – PNW  Pickling Fish & Other Aquatic Foods… – PNW




 Drying Fruits & Vegetables – PNW  Making Jerky at Home Safely – PNW



 Freezing Fruits & Vegetables – PNW  Freezing Convenience Foods – PNW
 Home Freezing of Seafood – PNW




 November 25, 2013
Nov 252013



Canyon County Crops Programs

Canyon County is one of the largest agricultural counties in Idaho.


Pesticide Safety Education Course (Pre-License)

This is a 3-day biennial (every-other year) program delivered by UI  Extension and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Participants in the class include farmers and farm workers, agricultural and landscape industry workers, and government workers. Topics in the curriculum for the training include the following:

 Pesticide Formulations, Labels & Safety  Pesticide Fate in the Environment
 Weeds & Their Control  Pesticide Use & Record  Keeping
 Insect Pests & Their Control  Pesticide Storage & Spill Management
 Groundwater Quality Issues  Spray Equipment Calibration

The curriculum is delivered the first two days of the class, with a half day review period followed by examinations.

The next course is being held on March 17, 18, 19, 20 at the University of Idaho Complex at 1904 E Chicago St in Caldwell.

View the 2015 Brochure 2015 Pre-Licensing Training Brochure for more information and for details about how to register.



Spanish Pesticide Safety Re-Certification Training

This course is similar to the annual Pesticide Safety Re-certification Training Course, except this course is conducted entirely in Spanish.

 Chemical Registration Personal Protective Equipment
 Pest Management Noxious Weeds
 Record Keeping  

This course will be held February 26, 2015 at the University of Idaho Complex at 1902 E Chicago St in Caldwell.


Annual Pesticide Safety Re-Certification Training Course

Every December, UI Extension and ISDA personnel host a one day pesticide applicator re-certification training class in Caldwell, Idaho. Participants receive six Idaho pesticide re-certification credits at the end of the training.  Topics vary from year to year, but classes generally cover the following:

 Chemical Registration Personal Protective Equipment
 Pest Management Noxious Weeds
 Record Keeping  

2014 PAT Registration Brochure


Treasure Valley Irrigation Conference

UI Extension and Oregon State University host this annual conference. Topics typically include:

 Treasure Valley Irrigation Issues  Irrigation System Transformations
 Update on Idaho Power Irrigation Programs  2014 Water Supply Outlook
 Cost Sharing Opportunities for Irrigators  

2014 TV Irrigation Conference Registration Form-flyer




 November 25, 2013


Livestock and Small Farms


Small Acreage Education Programs

Draw on Extension expertise to help expand market opportunities, sustain profitability, and enhance animal care and welfare in your operations.

Living on the Land: Stewardship for Small Acreages

The Living on the Land class series is aimed at providing current and future land owners with practical information and resources about small acreage management. Participants develop a plan for their property, and share ideas with a team of expert instructors and other participants.  The next class will be held in January of 2015*.

Living on the Land

  Course topics typically include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Selecting Farm Equipment
– What to do About Weeds
– Market and Organic Gardening
– Pasture Establishment and Renovation
– Caring for Your Animals
– Enterprise Budgets
– Water Quality
– Feeds and Feeding
– Your Living Soil
– Grazing Management

View the | 2015 LOTL brochure |

Contact our office to get on the interest list for the 2015 class, and you will be sent more specific class details, including how to sign up, as soon as it becomes available (usually a couple of months before the next class).


Annie’s Project

This six-week course is designed especially for farm women to help them develop management and decision-making skills for their farms. Sessions include brief presentations, discussions focused on the participant’s 

Annie's Projectquestions, and computer training to use spreadsheets.  Annie’s Project gives farm women the opportunity to learn from female agricultural professionals and network with other women in similar situations. View the 2013 flyer and 2013 brochure. A 2014 class is currently being planned. You may contact our office to get on the interest list for the 2014 class and you will be contacted with more specific class details, including how to sign up, when it becomes available.


Cultivating Success

The Cultivating Success™ program offers a series of courses that provide beginning and existing farmers with the planning and decision-making tools, production skills and support to develop a sustainable small acreage farm.  Online and in-person courses are available.

Cultivating Success

Check out the upcoming class offerings on the statewide course calendar on the Cultivating Success website. 


Lost Rivers Grazing Academy

An introduction to Management Intensive Grazing with a combination of presentations and practical field exercises, this boots-on-the-ground workshop is for livestock operators who want to increase their forage production, stocking rates, animal performance, and net income by letting their livestock harvest the sun’s energy through their feed. The Lost Rivers Grazing Academy is held in September each year at Eagle Valley Ranch in Salmon, Idaho.  The 2014 class will be held September 9-12.  Visit the Owyhee County Extension website or the University of Idaho Extension website for further details.


Additional Resources

Check out the following resources below-

Cattlemen’s Corner (Beef Newsletter)

Keep up with new programs, current issues and events in the beef industry with the Owyhee County Cattlemen’s Corner Beef newsletter that is published five times per year. A special youth section highlights events and opportunities for kids and young adults.

2014 issues:
- July 2014
March 2014
– January 2014

2013 issues:
– September 2013
July 2013

– May 2013
March 2013

– January 2013 


Additional Resources, University of Idaho Extension 


Small Acreage Farming

Farm and Ranch Management

Forestry, Range and Water 


*dates subject to change

 November 25, 2013



Growing in Canyon County

Turn to Extension for Classes, Workshops and Answers.

Gardening, landscaping or tending a small acreage in Southwest Idaho?  Turn to us for classes, information, expertise & unbiased advice.  We are committed to helping individuals and communities grow; our areas of expertise in horticulture include home and community food production, sustainable lawns and landscapes and gardening with youth.



Idaho Master Gardener

Extension’s premier horticulture volunteer development program is active, and making a difference, in Canyon County.  Could you be a future Master Gardener Volunteer?


Idaho Victory Garden

Get started on saving money by producing more of your own food at home, including vegetables, fruit, eggs and more.


Local Answers

From Community Education classes and our award-winning free newsletter, to a comprehensive online library, find information you need, when you need it.


The Next Generation

Through 4-H Junior Master Gardener outreach and our Master Gardener School Garden Mentor program, we’re teaching tomorrow’s green thumbs about science and healthy living through horticulture.


  • Catch up on the latest editions of Ariel’s DigIn! Newsletter here.
  • Like us on Facebook for pest alerts, timely information and to connect with other gardeners! 
  • Read Extension Educator Ariel Agenbroad’s blog and get the latest tips, updates and information for gardens and small farms.
  • Read Ariel’s bi-weekly gardening articles in the Idaho Press Tribune (search for Ariel Agenbroad).
  • Short on time? Get your updates via Twitter!

 November 25, 2013


4-H Youth Development


New to 4-H?

If you are new to 4-H and want to learn what it is about, keep reading–

What is 4-H?

The Nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization reaches more than 7 million youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards, and rural farming communities.

4-H assists youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills and forming attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society.

Fueled by University-backed curriculum and research-based programming, the 4-H program allows youth to get the hands-on, real world experience they need to become leaders.

Who can belong to 4-H?

Today’s 4-H is for all youth between the ages of 8 and 18 years. Kids between the ages of 5 and 7 can participate in Cloverbuds, a non-competitive version of 4-H.

What projects are available?

Canyon County 4-H members can choose from over 200 projects. These projects can be found in many different areas such as livestock, small animals, family & consumer sciences, art and science.  Check out the 2014 Idaho 4-H Today publication that gives a description of every project available in Idaho!

4-H projects can create more interest in daily tasks, strengthen family and community ties, develop leadership skills, and explore vocational opportunities.

To Learn More-

Contact our 4-H Program Coordinator, Tina Holmquist, or fill out and submit this interest form.


Already a Canyon County 4-H member?

Find all of our Canyon County 4-H resources at our 4-H Resources page–

Visit our 4-H Resources page for important documents such as event and program flyers and brochures, registration forms and applications, general record books, various Canyon County 4-H Council meeting minutes and more.

View our 4-H Calendar for an extensive listing of 4-H events in Canyon County.

 November 25, 2013
Feb 142013


4-H Resources


4-H Enrollment Online (4HOnline)

For returning youth or volunteer members, or members that have already been assigned a club, enrollment for the 2014 year is online at https://idaho.4honline.comLook here 4HOnline Help Sheet for step-by-step enrollment instructions. 

New members need to create a new profile… however, returning members should NOT create a new profile (even if enrolled in a different county previously or if there was a time lapse in membership).  Please call or email our office if you need assistance (


General 4-H Documents

  • Certified 4-H Adult Volunteer Application  | pdf |
  • Certified 4-H Teen Volunteer Application  | pdf |
  • 4-H Club Publication Order Form  | pdf |
  • Idaho 4-H Policies and Procedures  | pdf |
  • Annual 4-H Club Audit and Financial Summary Report  | pdf |
  • 2014-2015 Projects Requirement Handbook  | pdf |


Events: Information/Registration

  • Rifle Shooting Sports Training (Jan. 2015)  |pdf |
  • Shotgun Shooting Sports Training (April 2015) | pdf |


Canyon County 4-H Newsletter

  • November 2014  | pdf |
  • October 2014  | pdf |
  • September 2014  | pdf |
  • July 2014  | pdf |
  • June 2014  | pdf |
  • May 2014  | pdf |
  • April 2014  | pdf |
  • March 2014  | pdf |
  • February 2014  | pdf |
  • January 2014  | pdf |


Award Applications, Sponsorship Forms

  • Idaho Horsemanship Award Application  | pdf |
  • CC 4-H Project Medal Award Application  | fillable |
  • CC 4-H Council Scholarship Application  | pdf |
  • D II Teen Conference Scholarship Application  | pdf |
  • I Dare You Award Nomination  | pdf |
  • Idaho Key Award  | pdf |
  • CC Fair Sponsorship Form (for Awards)  | pdf |


 Record Books

  • Animal Project Record Book  | pdf |  | doc |
  • General Project Record Book  | pdf |  | doc |
  • Permanent Individual Animal Record  | pdf |  | doc |
  • Involvement Report  | pdf |  | doc |
  • Cloverbud Memory Book  | pdf |  | doc |
  • Suggested Portfolio (Record Book) Arrangement  | pdf |




  • Animal Lease Agreement  | pdf |
  • COOL form- Country of Origin Labeling  | pdf |
  • Market Livestock Sale Buyer/Add-On Brochure  | pdf|
  • Treasure Valley Dairy Heifer Replacement Program Application   | pdf | for budget information contact 459-6003



  • CC Fair Horse Declaration Form (due 3/17)  | pdf |
  • CC Horse Oral Presentation Contest Rule Book  | pdf |
  • Idaho Horse Oral Presentation Contest Procedures & Regulations  | pdf |
  • CC Horse Rule Book, updated Nov. 2014  | pdf |
  • CC Horse Pattern Book, 2013  | pdf |
  • State Hippology Guide  | pdf|
  • Horse Helmet Use Requirements/Guidelines | pdf |


Cloverbud Corner

  • Patchwork Mural | pdf |
  • Space Buggy  | pdf  |


Additional Club Resources

  • Club Annual Plan of Meetings & Activities  | pdf |
  • Club Officers & Adult Partners- Working Together  | pdf |
  • Use of the 4-H Name & Emblem  | pdf |
  • Secretary Record Book  | pdf |
  • Treasurer’s Record Book  | pdf |
  • Treasurer’s Monthly & Annual Report Forms  | pdf |


Canyon County 4-H Leaders’ Council

  • Meeting Minutes, April 2014  | pdf |
  • Meeting Minutes, February 2014  | pdf |
  • Meeting Minutes, September 2013  | pdf |
  • 2013 CC 4-H Leaders’ Council By-Laws  | pdf |


College Scholarships

  • Visit the State 4-H website for a listing of current college scholarships available.



 February 14, 2013