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Eat Smart Idaho


Idaho’s Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program

Meet the University of Idaho Extension’s Nutrition Program, Eat Smart Idaho.

The Eat Smart Idaho program is a UI Extension education program designed to help limited-resource adults learn how to stretch their food dollars to provide tasty, low-cost, healthy meals for their families. Eat Smart Idaho teaches nutrition and consumer-related skills that lead to individual change. Eat Smart Idaho helps families in Idaho move toward increased self-sufficiency. It helps those who are transitioning from welfare to work.


Why is nutrition education critical for the health and well-being of children and their families?

Malnutrition, along with environmental factors associated with poverty, can permanently retard physical growth, brain development and cognitive functioning. The longer a child’s nutritional, emotional and educational needs are not met, the greater the likelihood of cognitive impairments.

The goal of Eat Smart Idaho is to increase the self-sufficiency of food stamp individuals and families through community-based, informal experiential education that builds basic living skills and decision-making capabilities, and instills the value of life-long learning.


Canyon County Nutrition Advisors

Micki Schuetz –

Nicole MacKinnon –

Yvonne Armenta –


Program Coordinator

Bridget Morrisroe-Aman –



 November 25, 2013