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What is the Idaho Master Gardener Program?

The Idaho Master Gardener Program is an intensive 14-week course that prepares you to assist other gardeners with their gardening and horticultural problems. Upon completion of the course, Idaho Master Gardeners are considered paraprofessionals in home horticulture. The Idaho Master Gardener program is nationally recognized and the training received is highly coveted.

The Idaho Master Gardener program requires a commitment of 36 hours of classroom time from mid-January to mid-April, plus 40 hours of hands-on training arranged with an Extension Educator. In addition to the 36 hours of classroom time, you will be given several open book quizzes and reading assignments. Much of the hands-on training time will be spent helping out in the Master Gardener room where you will answer gardener’s questions throughout the summer months with the assistance of an Advanced Master Gardener.

This course is not for everybody. Those who have completed it have found it rigorous, but very rewarding. University credit is available for those who may be interested. If you do not have time for the program or are seeking a less intensive horticulture seminar, please do not sign up for the Master Gardener course. There are several excellent classes offered by local garden clubs and local nurseries. Extension also offers gardening programs of less intensity that may be of interest to you.

Important forms:

  • UI Extension, Bonneville County Idaho Master Gardener Calendar
  • 2014 IMG forms and applications
  • 2014 Advanced Master Gardener Application (pdf)
  • 2014 Veteran Master Gardener Application (pdf)

Submit a sample to the UI Extension, Bonneville County Idaho Master Gardener Plant Clinic:

Helpful links from the UI Extension Southeast Idaho Master Gardener website:

 November 13, 2013