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Sep 302013

Eat Smart IdahoEat Smart Idaho is Idaho’s Nutrition Education Program to help adults and families learn how to stretch their food dollars to provide tasty, low-cost, healthy meals for their families. Nutrition Advisors teach group classes and one-on-one lessons to adults and children. The lessons cover basic nutrition, stretching the food dollar, food resource management, food safety, and physical activity.  To learn more about Eat Smart Idaho classes in Bonner County please call 263-8511.

Eat Smart Idaho is funded by two Federal grants, allowing University of Idaho Extension to deliver classes specifically for those with limited resources. These grants are provided by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and by USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture. For every dollar invested in nutrition education for limited resource learners, enough Idahoans change their eating habits to save more than $13 in future health care costs because their risks for serious nutrition-related diseases has been reduced.

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 September 30, 2013

In FY 2011, the county’s Extension Nutrition Program (ENP) used $16,000 in grant funds to educate 911 members of low-income, food stamp-eligible families to eat healthier and reduce disease risks. An additional 468 low-income, food stamp-eligible citizens from Bonner County obtained information from ENP on how to eat better for less from health fairs, information tables and food demos.

 September 30, 2013