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It’s getting to be that time again to sign up for The University of Idaho Master Gardener class. Th Master Gardener class will run for 13 week and is being offered in Bannock and Bingham Counties.  If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener please click on the flyer for more information or call 208.236.7311. MG Flyer 2015

Becoming an Idaho Master Gardener
To become an Idaho Master Gardener, contact your county’s UI Extension office for an application and information about the next and nearest training. Fees, instructional hours, and class times vary, as do required “payback” commitments of volunteer hours. Some counties have waiting lists.

Idaho Master Gardener classes and laboratories are taught by UI Extension educators and specialists, as well as other horticulture experts in your community. Field trips and readings from your copy of the comprehensive Idaho Master Gardener Handbook will fill out your instructional program.

Once you’ve finished your classroom training, passed your exams, and completed your volunteer hours or “practicum,” you’ll be certified as an Idaho Master Gardener for one year. You’ll be enriched by basic gardening knowledge, pest identification abilities, leadership training, and planning skills.

Many Idaho Master Gardeners choose to extend their certification into future years through advanced training and a commitment of additional volunteer hours. You can even earn University of Idaho credits for your Idaho Master Gardener course.

What Master Gardeners Do:
  • Answer horticultural questions by telephone or in person
  • Teach classes for civic organizations, church groups, garden clubs and schools
  • Promote environmental responsibility
  • Bring the joy of gardening to both children and adults
  • Assist with city, county and state beautification projects
  • Assist in a question and answer booth at the County and State Fairs
Learn More about the Master Gardener Program

To learn more about the University of Idaho Master Gardener Class go to Helping People Grow.

Weeds of the West

If you have a weed you want identified, please bring a sample to our office. We can help identify them and provide ideas on how to stop or prevent them. If you would like to schedule a lawn call, please contact the representative in your county. 
For more information visit the USDA Plants Database, Weeds of the West

Creepy, Crawling Critters!

Do you have concerns about the creepy, crawling critters at your house? If so, we have a website and free publication (PDF), to help ease your mind. For help  managing spiders visit the University of Idaho website “Managing Creepy, Crawling Critters”. If you would like to download the free PDF, click here. We offer a wide range of informational bulletins to help you with your infestations.  Visit our publication page, Pests and Pesticides, Insects.

Trees and Gardens

Our office had several articles on trees and gardening published in the Idaho State Journal this past gardening season. If you are interested in reading them, they are available below. Please click on the link. If you have questions regarding problems with your lawn or trees we have a Horticulture Specialist in our office to assist you. Please call us at 208-236-7311.

Edible Wild Berries of Southeast Idaho

The Bannock County Extension office now has “Edible Wild Berries of Southeast Idaho” available in PDF. This bulletin has all the wild berries found in our area, with pictures and descriptions of each.  Lots of great recipes on freezing, drying and canning. If you would like to download this bulletin for use on your next walk in the mountains click here Edible Wild Berries

Horticulture Newsletter

Our newsletter is available on-line! Click here to read now:


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