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The goal of Family and Consumer Science professionals is to improve the quality of life for adults, children and families through research-based data – specifically in the areas of healthy lifestyles, nutrition, food safety and financial management.

The University of Idaho has a great website with informational newsletters on, sewing, cooking, canning and even has some great recipes to share. It’s called The Communicator, click on the link and find out what Family and Consumer Sciences is all about!

Handmade Wheat Bread: Healthy Eating with Whole Wheat (New)

This course teaches the basics of whole grain benefits, nutrition recommendations and hand mixing wheat bread. Each participant will shape a loaf of bread to be baked in class.

  • Sept. 23, 2014 7:00-8:00pm   Demonstration Kitchen, 592 Roosevelt Ave. back entrance, Pocatello ID. 83201
Learning Opportunities in August 2014 and Beyond (New)
Please check out the learning events listed at Learn (
Everyone is welcome to participate in the events listed at Learn ( as they match your interests. Topics include gardening, health, finances to name a few.
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* Additional sessions may be added at any time, so check back to see what’s new.
Welcome Julie Buck our new FCS Educator

All of us at the Bannock County Extension would like to Welcome Julie Buck as our new Family and Consumer Sciences Educator. Julie will be stepping into Audrey Liddil’s position and is here to help you with all your consumer needs;

“As the new FCS Educator, meeting the community education needs of Bannock County is very important to me. Recently I researched the various health and lifestyle concerns as identified by the State Department of Health and Welfare. Identified health issues include overweight children, obese adults, inactive lifestyles, diabetes and low income. With the help of many educators and healthcare professionals, the health and well-being of Bannock County Residents can be improved. Areas of focus I look forward to teaching  will be classes focusing on Food Safety, Nutrition, Physical Activity and  General Money Management. Please contact me any time, I look forward to meeting the great people of Bannock County.” Julie Buck

Dial Pressure Gauge Checks

It’s getting to be that time of year again; Summer and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. If you are getting ready to start your canning, remember to bring your dial gauge canner lid to the Bannock County Extension office to be checked for accuracy. This must be done every year before you start canning. If you can year round set a date and get it tested the same time every year.

Master Food Preservation Class

The Family and Consumer Sciences UI Extension Educators offer a Master Food Preserving Class each year.  If you would like to see the Youtube presentation from 2013 class in Bingham County click on the link “Youtube presentation”.

Explore our food preservation publications and learn how to keep you and your family safe.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning now online!

Whether you are new to canning or a seasoned expert, this publication is an excellent source for home canning your favorite fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry. There is information on how to can properly and procedures to safely preserve your favorite foods. Remember, when canning at home, use only USDA approved recipes.

Download individual chapters from the USDA website, or if you would like the spiral bound book, you can purchase it for $18.00 at your local Extension office.

Meal Time Inspirations

Family and Consumer Sciences UI Extension Educators are offering Mealtime Inspirations, a fun way to learn how to prepare foods for the holiday seasons. The class is offered in the month of November and is hosted each year by a different county extension office. For more information on Mealtime Inspirations, watch this video.

Fun and Healthy Lessons

Have you ever made jerky? Used a crock pot or pressure cooker for meals? If the answer is no, use the helpful links below. Kids home from school? Well here are some quick and healthy recipes that you and your kids will love. Do you case lot shop? Lots of Hamburger and Chicken in the freezer? Below are some recipes to help you prepare meals for a week. Also you can learn how to freeze fruits and vegetables or dry them instead. Hope you are enjoying our quick and easy lessons we will be updating regularly so make sure to check back in the near future.

FCS Newsletters
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  • Summer 2014 Consumer Services Newsletter Summer 2014
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