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Another 4-H Year of Fun and Fairs

Now that the 4-H year is winding down. We would like to congratulate all the youth that enrolled in 4-H for the 2014 year. We have some amazing, talented and over all awesome kids in our program. We would love to have new members, so if you have friends or family that would like to enroll for the 2015 year, please go to and register after October 1, 2014. We look forward to another year of 4-H. Our 4-H family is growing one member at a time.

4-H Project Evaluation Forms

Listed below are the Home EC & Miscellaneous evaluation forms that will be used for the Bannock County North and South Fairs. Please use these for helpful information on what your project will be judged. Please call our office if you are not sure which section your project falls under. 4-H has something for everyone at our County Fair, come join the fun today!

Portfolio Forms

The portfolio is the first step in preparing to go to fair. Every child is required to have a completed portfolio. These binders are to be completed and turned in for judging prior to your fair dates. Our portfolio is in a new format starting in 2014. There is a printable version so your child can fill it out by hand. Or there is also a fillable version for those who can use the computer. If you have problems and wish to have a CD version of the portfolio please contact our office. The Portfolio CD’s are $2.00 each.

For your Cloverbud our office has lots of activity project books available. Click on the project your child would like to complete and add it to their Memory Book. Remember that your Cloverbud can only enter a live project into the fairs if it weighs less then them. 4-H has lots of fun for little ones ages 5-7 too! Make sure your Cloverbud completes the 4-H Cloverbud Memory book for fair. It will be displayed at our County fair with the Portfolios. Cloverbuds are 4-H’ers too! Click on the link below for the Cloverbud Memory Book. Then download the project book your Cloverbud is most interested in.

 Fair Registration Forms

Most projects run from October 1 until your county’s fair, when projects are judged. Every 4-H project requires a certain form. To compete in the county fair, fill out your project forms and get them to the 4-H office (deadlines vary). Below are the forms required for our fair. Select the link and download the forms you need. If you are having problems downloading your forms you may pick them up at the UI Extension, Bannock County office.

All horse and livestock projects to be shown at a Bannock County fair, in addition to the above forms,  may also require these forms:

EISF 4-H Jr. Horse Show & Fair Supplement

Feed Your Need for Fun!! To download the 2014 4-H Jr. Horse Show Supplement for the Eastern Idaho State Fair, click here: 2014 Junior Horse Show Rule Book. Rules and regulations can be found in the Eastern Idaho State Fair Book, or online at Click below for the 2014 EISF Supplement (pdf). This supplement contains all the registration forms required to enter the Easter Idaho State Fair.  Please call our office if you have questions.


Scholarships will be given to those 4-H members who have met certain requirements (you must be a registered 4-H member). 4-H members must hand write a letter requesting financial assistance to attend 4-H programming events. 4-H members must volunteer at the UI Extension, Bannock County office to be considered for a scholarship. For every hour volunteered you will be given scholarship funds. Up to one half can be earned for assistance in attending 4-H programming events. Please call Tam or Ashley at (208) 236-7312 for more information.


Documents not available for download may be obtained by contacting your county extension office.


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