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The UI Extension Ada County office offers a variety of printable resources for those interested in horticulture and gardening.
 July 3, 2013

The UI Extension, Ada County office and website offer a variety of horticulture and gardening resources. Please see the information below or contact Ada County directly.

Services Offered

When bringing specimens into the office, follow the instructions found below. We do not perform post mortems as it is extremely hard to identify problems with dead material.

  • Insect identification: Free
  • Plant and weed identification: Free
  • Pest control recommendations: Free
  • Plant diagnostics: Free
  • University of Idaho soil test: $35.00 (Our office provides soil test kits; the test is sent by the customer to the U of I.)
Diagnostic Clinic

The Diagnostic Clinic hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:

  • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, April
  • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, May-August
  • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, September-October

Please use one of the following forms when bringing specimens to the office:

How to Submit a Plant/Insect for Diagnosing or Identification:

  • Bring fresh samples, do not leave in vehicle for any length of time.
  • Trees-bring a branch approximately 12-18″ long showing the progression of the problem.
  • Turf-bring a 12″ square section from the edge of the problem area (showing a portion of the healthy & unhealthy), including 2-3″ of soil.
  • Weeds-bring whole plants with root system intact. Plants with flowers and/or seed heads are easier to identify.
  • Insects-bring in a closed container. Avoid bringing in crushed insects.

Please use the Information Request Form for all other questions or additional information not specific to the above categories.

Soil Test

Soil test kits are available at the UI Extension, Ada County office. Soil samples are gathered and prepared according to the directions provided with the kits and mailed to the University of Idaho. When you receive your results please call the UI Extension, Ada County office for help interpreting the results.

 July 3, 2013
Advanced Master Gardener Program

The Advanced Master Gardener (AMG) program is a series of in-depth classes for previously certified Idaho Master Gardeners to strengthen gardening skills and knowledge. Participants are expected to attend 40 hours of AMG classes and complete 30 hours of hands-on practicum.

Continuing Master Gardener Program

The Continuing Master Gardener (CMG) program was developed for previously certified Idaho Master Gardeners with limited time to spend, to continue in the program and maintain their MG certification on year-to-year basis by learning and improving their knowledge and skills.  Participants are expected to attend 20 hours of CMG classes and complete 20 hours of hands-on practicum.

Junior Master Gardener Program

The Junior Master Gardener (JMG) program helps to grow good kids by igniting a passion for learning, success and service through a unique gardening education. JMG inspires youths to be of service to others through leadership development and service learning projects and rewards them with certification and recognition.  To learn more about the JMG program, visit the national JMG website .

 July 3, 2013

Each year, Idaho gardeners by the hundreds make a very special commitment to their neighbors, their communities, their environment and themselves.  They agree to give at least 50 volunteer hours where they share their knowledge with others. In return, they get 50 or more hours of intensive, fast-paced training from UI Extension.  Class begins in September and goes  through April.

What Idaho Master Gardeners Do:

  • Answer horticultural questions by telephone or in person
  • Teach classes for civic organizations, church groups, garden clubs and schools
  • Promote environmental responsibility
  • Bring the joy of gardening to both children and adults


Becoming an Idaho Master Gardener

To apply for the Idaho Master Gardener Program, you should meet a few minimal requirements:

  • Have an interest in and some knowledge of basic gardening, horticulture and plant-related topics.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the public.
  • Available to participate in 50 hours of class work and 50 hours of volunteer work

Learn more about the 2015 MG Application policies and job description.  Contact a UI Extension representative at or (208) 287-5900 with questions.


 July 2, 2013