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What is 4-H and how do I get involved?

More than 6.5 million young people across America make friends and have fun while learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills each year through 4-H programs. Sponsored by land-grant universities, 4-H activities focus on healthy living, citizenship, and science, engineering and technology. 

Bannock County youth can experience 4-H by becoming a member of a 4-H club, attending Alpine 4-H camp, participating in a project camp, or in after-school 4-H programs. You might nurture an animal, hone cooking or sewing skills, learn photography, go on hikes, or build a robot to compete in local, state, or national events.

4-H Clubs – Each one is different!

Members and leaders decide what their 4-H club does. 4-H clubs usually focus on one or more topics. They conduct project-related activities. Examples include a gardening club that may maintain a year-round garden, or a horse club that may practice riding at meetings. Clubs also participation community service, both in their project area and where they are needed. 

Also, although most activities are free, some fees are required to pay for materials. If you have questions, contact our office.

4-H Clubs near you – Join the fun!

Want to check out some 4-H Clubs?  4-H Clubs are now building websites to help kids get active in 4-H. Clubs are listed below by name, area and projects. As the websites become available to us, we will update them for you. If you are already an established club and have a website, please call our UI Extension, Bannock County office and we will add you to our website.

Regulations on using the 4-H Clover

Are you advertising your club? Are your printing information for your members? Did you know that there are use and regulations when printing the 4-H emblem on your club forms? Please use the link below to help you understand the regulations in using our 4-H Clover. We are here to help you in all your club needs. If you have any questions, you can call your local extension office anytime! Thank you for supporting such a great program!

Remember How to Enroll?!

You will be able to enroll online for 4-H – no more paper copy enrollment forms to fill out. If you need help enrolling in 4-H please contact our office, or stop by and we will walk you through the process.

Steps to completing online enrollment:
  1. Visit
  2. Select “I Need to Setup a Profile”
  3. Select “Bannock County” (or the county you will be enrolling with)
  4. Enter your family information
  5. Create a password
  6. Select “Create Login”
  7. Enter your Profile
  8. Select “Continue”
  9. Select “Club and projects”
  10. Select “Submit Enrollment”
  11. If you do not have a club, select “I need a Club”
Please send your enrollment fees to your local 4-H Office:
  • New Leader Fees: $10.00
  • Re-enrolling Leaders: $5.00
  • Horse Enrollment (8 yrs. old by January 1): $15.00
  • Home Ec./Misc. & Livestock (8 yrs.old by January 1): $10.00
  • Cloverbuds (5-7 years old): $10.00

If your Cloverbud would like to show a live animal at the fair, please remember that the animal must weigh less than your child.

Our office has some really fun 4-H Cloverbud Workbooks for $2.50 each. Stop buy and pick one up. We have something for everyone in 4-H!

Activities/Upcoming Events

There is more to 4-H than animals, animals and more animals! UI Extension, Bannock County 4-H offers Project Day Camps, After School Programing, Early Out School Project Camps and many over-night trips. See all that is happening in your area and sign up today! Classes fill up quickly. Call 208-236-7312 for information on our new 2014 Fall Project Camps, starting October 6, 2014.  Be an early bird and get registered today. Click on this link and get your registration form 2014 Fall Early Out Registration

Alpine 4-H Camp

The Alpine 4-H Camp has served the youth of southeast Idaho for over sixty years, giving them the experience of going to camp and enjoying the beauties of the area. If you are interested in attending our 4-H Camp or the 4-H Horse Camp, we are now taking enrollments for Camp Counselors and Campers. For more information, visit the Alpine 4-H Camp website–HERE!

Bannock and Bonneville Counties had a wonderful but very wet camp this year. What a great experience for everyone who attended the 2014 Alpine 4-H Camp. Check back next year for new enrollment forms and get ready for a fun time at camp.

  • 4-H Campers Registration
  • Camp Counselor Registration
Meet Me at The Fair

County Fairs are an opportunity for 4-H youth to show off their projects – what they’ve been doing this past year. Deadlines are listed below. County fair winners are invited to regional and state fairs.

See what Bannock County has to offer and come and join the fun at our fairs: Fairbooks for 2014 are now available!

  • August 8, 2014 10:00 am: South Fair Consumer Decision Making Contest
  • August 14, 2014 10:00 am : North Fair Consumer Decision Making Contest
    Bannock County 4-H Office
  • July 17, 2014 6:00 pm : County Demonstration Contest
    McCammon Park
  • August 11, 2014 6:00 pm: 4-H BBQ/Potluck on the lawn by the big stage
  • August 11, 2014 7:00 pm: County Style Review and Talent Show on the big stage
Important Due Dates
  • July 22, 2014: Records Books Due
    4-H Office open until 7:00 p.m.
  • July 22, 2014: Fair Class Registration Forms Due
    Horse, Dogs, Rabbits, Chickens, etc.
  • July 30, 2014: Style Review Practice
Horse & Livestock

4-H Horse and Livestock Projects teach youth the principals of animal science. With each project, youth can the learn up-to-date industry standards of sound breeding, feeding and management practices.
Participants not only gain knowledge of their project animals, but they develop public speaking skills, decision making skills, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership through participating in club activities, giving demonstrations and exhibiting their projects. Here are some fact sheets to help you with your 4-H animal project for the upcoming 2014 Bannock County Fairs.

Objectives of 4-H Market Animal Projects:
  • Practice citizenship and leadership skills
  • Develop integrity and sportsmanship, goal setting, decision-making, and public speaking skills
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of and ability to practice sound husbandry in selection, feeding, marketing, and management of livestock as employed in the industry
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the consumer aspects of the industry
  • Explore career, job, and leisure opportunities
4-H Newsletters:
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Feb 142013

To view calendar items for specific 4-H districts or counties, select a district or county using the drop-down menus below. The default selection includes 4-H events in Bannock County only.

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Another 4-H Year of Fun and Fairs

Now that the 4-H year is winding down. We would like to congratulate all the youth that enrolled in 4-H for the 2014 year. We have some amazing, talented and over all awesome kids in our program. We would love to have new members, so if you have friends or family that would like to enroll for the 2015 year, please go to and register after October 1, 2014. We look forward to another year of 4-H. Our 4-H family is growing one member at a time.

4-H Project Evaluation Forms

Listed below are the Home EC & Miscellaneous evaluation forms that will be used for the Bannock County North and South Fairs. Please use these for helpful information on what your project will be judged. Please call our office if you are not sure which section your project falls under. 4-H has something for everyone at our County Fair, come join the fun today!

Portfolio Forms

The portfolio is the first step in preparing to go to fair. Every child is required to have a completed portfolio. These binders are to be completed and turned in for judging prior to your fair dates. Our portfolio is in a new format starting in 2014. There is a printable version so your child can fill it out by hand. Or there is also a fillable version for those who can use the computer. If you have problems and wish to have a CD version of the portfolio please contact our office. The Portfolio CD’s are $2.00 each.

For your Cloverbud our office has lots of activity project books available. Click on the project your child would like to complete and add it to their Memory Book. Remember that your Cloverbud can only enter a live project into the fairs if it weighs less then them. 4-H has lots of fun for little ones ages 5-7 too! Make sure your Cloverbud completes the 4-H Cloverbud Memory book for fair. It will be displayed at our County fair with the Portfolios. Cloverbuds are 4-H’ers too! Click on the link below for the Cloverbud Memory Book. Then download the project book your Cloverbud is most interested in.

 Fair Registration Forms

Most projects run from October 1 until your county’s fair, when projects are judged. Every 4-H project requires a certain form. To compete in the county fair, fill out your project forms and get them to the 4-H office (deadlines vary). Below are the forms required for our fair. Select the link and download the forms you need. If you are having problems downloading your forms you may pick them up at the UI Extension, Bannock County office.

All horse and livestock projects to be shown at a Bannock County fair, in addition to the above forms,  may also require these forms:

EISF 4-H Jr. Horse Show & Fair Supplement

Feed Your Need for Fun!! To download the 2014 4-H Jr. Horse Show Supplement for the Eastern Idaho State Fair, click here: 2014 Junior Horse Show Rule Book. Rules and regulations can be found in the Eastern Idaho State Fair Book, or online at Click below for the 2014 EISF Supplement (pdf). This supplement contains all the registration forms required to enter the Easter Idaho State Fair.  Please call our office if you have questions.


Scholarships will be given to those 4-H members who have met certain requirements (you must be a registered 4-H member). 4-H members must hand write a letter requesting financial assistance to attend 4-H programming events. 4-H members must volunteer at the UI Extension, Bannock County office to be considered for a scholarship. For every hour volunteered you will be given scholarship funds. Up to one half can be earned for assistance in attending 4-H programming events. Please call Tam or Ashley at (208) 236-7312 for more information.


Documents not available for download may be obtained by contacting your county extension office.


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